The Encyclopedia of Fantasy - neuwertig

Das legendärste Werk der Fantasy-Welt von John Clute und John Grant in der englischen Orgiginal-Fassung!

- Alle Bücher, Filme, Erzählungen, Wesen, Autoren etc. der Fantasy_Welt auf einen Blick
- Fundierte Hintergrund-Informationen
- Ein absolutes Referenz-Werk
- Für jeden der mehr wissen will als den üblichen Gossip

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The Encyclopedia of Fantasy - mint condition

This masterful follow-up to the 1993 Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is an essential purchase for anyone who's serious about fantasy. Those who are serious about horror will also find it an excellent reference. The works of prolific and confusing authors such as Michael Moorcock, as well as authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien who have many posthumously published fragments, are explained with admirable clarity. Especially fascinating are the numerous terms for motifs and themes, constituting what the editors call a map of the many "fuzzy sets" in the universe of fantasy fiction--terms such as "crosshatch," "polder," and "water margin." There are many entries on horror movies and the better-known horror writers (only writers who write no fantasy, such as Richard Laymon, are excluded). You'll also find carefully written definitions of horror, dark fantasy, supernatural fiction, gothic fiction, psychological thrillers, and weird fiction. Locus calls The Encyclopedia of Fantasy "massive and welcome," and writes, "This will be the standard reference for years to come."

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy absolut neuwertige Fantasy Encycklopädie

This huge volume is the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the fantasy field. Not only does it describe the genre authoritatively, but it redefines it, offering an exciting new analysis of this highly diverse and hugely popular sphere of art. With more than 4,000 entries and over one million words, this volume covers every aspect of fantasy-literature, film, television, opera, art, and comics. Written and compiled by a team of editors with unparalleled collective experience in the field, it is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in the art of the fantastic. This paperback edition includes thirty-two pages of update material obtained since the hardcover when to press.

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The Encyclopedia of Fantasy absolut neuwertige Fantasy Encycklopädie

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